LLC ETC CKBN has been providing engineering services since 2002.

We harness a wealth of experience and strong connections to garner the respect of our clients and partners.

Core activities of LLC ETC CKBN:
Design of process units and modular equipment packages;
The design team, consisting of technologists, designers, instrumentation and shutoff and control valve experts, has extensive experience in designing primary process equipment for the oil and gas industry. Equipment arrangement is performed according to customer request: as a single unit, together with piping or as a module. The internal mass transfer, separation and filtration devices have been developed by LLC ETC CKBN and are patented.
Manufacture and installation of process equipment, including automation systems;
LLC ETC CKBN possesses its own material and human resources for manufacturing valve assemblies and piping of primary process equipment. The valve assemblies are manufactured turnkey, including the installation and connection of instrumentation and control devices. The manufacturing of process apparatuses is carried out at large engineering plants, with constant supervision by the LLC ETC CKBN team from the receiving inspection of materials to the shipment of equipment to the customer.
Safety inspections of process equipment;
LLC ETC CKBN has extensive experience in:
1. Technical diagnostics and industrial safety inspections of process equipment, including:
- Determination of chemical composition (without violating the integrity of equipment);
- Field metallographic studies;
- Assessment of mechanical properties of base metal and welded joints;
- Corrosion studies;
- Performance of verified strength calculations (including the finite element method).
2. Certification of process equipment and pipelines.
Engineering inspection of process equipment, including droplet entrainment measurements;
Engineering inspections include the study of equipment operation under various operating conditions, the collection of data required for the preparation of material and heat balances and performance of technological calculations of the equipment. For separation and filtration equipment, we can also carry out a performance evaluation using a droplet entrainment meter.
A droplet entrainment meter is a device designed for the manual sampling of gas from equipment inlet and outlet pipelines to measure the mass concentration of droplet liquid and solid mechanical impurities in the gas flow before and after the process equipment.
Based on the results of the inspection, a report is prepared, which presents conclusions on the current performance of the inspected equipment with proposals for possible upgrades to improve the equipment performance.
Upgrades and repairs of process equipment;
LLC ETC CKBN carries out repairs and upgrades of primary process equipment:
- Overhaul of process equipment;
- Manufacture and replacement of internal elements of processing units;
- Replacement of shut-off and control valves and instrumentation;
- Overhaul of gas pumping plants and boosters (elimination of cracks in casings and elements of internal constructions) at compressor stations;
- Upgrade of valve assemblies and piping of process equipment.
Installation supervision, pre-commissioning, and commissioning of facilities;
On-site installation is carried out in the presence of LLC ETC CKBN chief engineers, who ensure workmanship is performed to a high quality. In addition, LLC ETC CKBN has its own on-site teams to carry out installation work, including the non-destructive testing of welded joints. Our certified teams are equipped with all the necessary authorized equipment. Pre-commissioning and commissioning are the final stages of equipment supply contracts.